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Adam Chodzko

b. 1965, London, U.K.; lives and works Whitstable, Kent, U.K.

Adam Chodzko’s multidisciplinary practice encompasses various mediums: video, installation, photography, and performance. His work often explores the complex relationship between individuals and their environment, delving into themes of identity, memory and social interaction. Through his art, Chodzko challenges traditional notions of art-making and actively engages with the viewers, inviting them to become participants in the creation of meaning. There is an element of socially engaged practice in much of the work, which challenges viewers to reflect on their surroundings and their place within society. Working across media, from video installation at an immersive scale, to subtle interventions, and with a practice that moves between the gallery space and wider social environments, his work can be playful and challenging in equal measure. In each case, possibilities for collective imagination are proposed, which raises questions about how we might perceive more deeply, through play and through shared visual media, to transform our connections with others. Adam Chodzko continues to push the boundaries of contemporary art, prompting viewers to question established norms and engage with the complexities of the human experience. His unique ability to blend storytelling, visual art, and audience participation creates transformative and evocative experiences that resonate long after encountering his works.

Adam Chodzko’s recent projects include Renata, remember you are unconscious; you have no expression, no pain, you don’t yell, you are unconscious!, British School at Rome, Rome (2022); The Horror Show, Somerset House, London (2022); A Very Special Place: Ikon in the 1990s, Ikon Gallery, Birmingham (2021); The Botanical Mind, Camden Art Centre, London (2020); Channel, Rupture, Fujiya Gallery, Beppu (2015); and You’ll See; This Time it’ll be Different, Benaki Museum, Athens (2013).

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