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Ed Atkins

b. 1982, U.K; lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

Ed Atkins is well known for his immersive environments and production of high-definition digital images and syncopated sound montages. A published writer of fiction and poetry, he writes his own scenarios and scripts for video works that create a world of digital illusions and fantasy that frequently verge on the grotesque. In a practice that involves layering text with high-definition video, Ed Atkins makes work in which ‘The suck and the bloom of death and decay are channelled through technological tools at the height of contemporary image management’. Atkins's video oeuvre is composed largely of CGI avatars that are animated using motion capture and dramatic, commercial sound. Many of these videos feature a computer-generated avatar as an isolated protagonist, whose poetic soliloquies intimately address the viewer directly. The foregrounding of video technology is as important to the work’s construction of meaning as the narratives themselves.

Ed Atkins's recent projects include Copenhagen, Cabinet, London, (2023); Ed Atkins, Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi, Berlin (2022); Refuse, TANK, Shanghai (2022); Ed Atkins: Get Life/Love’s Work, New Museum, New York (2021); Entropy of a biased coin, Cabinet Gallery, London (2020); Ye Olde Food, Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen K21, Düsseldorf (2019); Modern Piano Music, DHC/ART Foundation for Contemporary Art, Montreal (2017); Ed Atkins, Castello di Rivoli Museo d’Art Contemporanea, Rivoli (2016); and Art Now: Ed Atkins, Tate Britain, London (2011).

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