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Julian Simmons

b. 1971, London, UK; lives and works in Suffolk, UK.

Julian Simmons is a British artist primarily working across the media of photography, printmaking, drawing, audio and film. Simmons studied at the Royal College of Art, London, graduating with a MPhil in the Fine Art Application of Computerised Draughting Techniques in 1997, followed by a PhD in Numinous Image as Cosmological Monograph in 2004. Over the course of his three-decade career, Simmons has developed a visual language that combines film, photographic documentation and drawing with an exploration of the transformational role of the image upon its subject or object. Within his work he has also frequently collaborated with Sarah Lucas, with whom he has created photographic prints, most recently including DREAM FOURTEEN (2021), films including EGG and publications including TITTIPUSSIDAD. As a specialist in sound, he has developed world-leading techniques such as harmonic frequency separation, infrasonic and ultrasonic isolation and manipulation, and extreme audio time stretching, all of which are tailored for natural history television production and employed by the BBC and Apple TV. He also composes quadraphonic surround-sound music utilising experimental sound synthesis and instruments developed in Pure Data. In recent years he has produced two albums: NUZ and TOWER.

Recent exhibitions include TITTIPUSSIDAD, Paul Stolper, London (2015); TITTIPUSSIDAD, Art Basel, Miami (2014); TITTIPUSSIDAD, Contemporary Fine Arts Galerie Gmbh, Berlin (2014); Excusado Revistado, Contemporary Fine Arts Galerie Gmbh, Berlin (2014); TITTIPUSSIDAD, KARMA, New York (2014); Sarah Lucas Portraits, Whitechapel Gallery, London (2013); PENETRALIA, Snape Maltings, Suffolk (2012); The King, Analix Forever, Geneva (2012); JUBILEE BOOTS, SITUATION - ROSE BUSH, London (2012); Selling Sex, SHOW studio, London (2012); Nuz Spirit of Ewe, Dunedin (2011); Sexuality & Transcendence, Pinchuk Art Centre, Kyiv (2010); and The King & Luvah, Gladstone Gallery, Brussels (2010).

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