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Juria Toramae

b. Morocco; Lives and works in New York and Maine, U.S.

Juria Toramae is an artist the U.S, originally of Moroccan and Thai heritage, whose artistic exploration revolves around the concepts of cultural displacement and the natural world. With a fieldwork-oriented practice, Toramae delves into the realms of diasporic imagination, intertidal ecologies, and the expansive depths of the ocean. Her multidisciplinary approach encompasses video, photography, cartography, painting, and multimedia installation, allowing her to explore these themes from various angles. Toramae's work is deeply rooted in her fascination with the interplay between diverse cultures and their complex relationships with the environment. Through her artistic endeavours, she seeks to capture the essence of cultural dislocation and its impact on individuals and communities. Simultaneously, she delves into the intricate ecosystems of the intertidal zones, drawing inspiration from the dynamic and ever-changing nature of these spaces. By exploring the depths of oceanic imagery, Toramae delves into the mysterious and vast expanse of the sea, drawing connections to human experiences and the wider world.

Juria Toramae's recent exhibitions include Shaking Land and Water, Esplanade Jendela, Visual Art SpaceSingapore (2022); Somewhere in Bedok Blooms the Blushing Rouge of Embroidered Roses, Singapore Crossroads 2022 (2022); Body Snatchers: Nature’s Zombies and Vampires, LKC Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum, Singapore (20212); Contemporary Landscape 2021, CICA Museum, South Korea (2021); Julius Baer Next Gen Art Prize Exhibition (2021); Letter to a Grain of Wheat, Svalbard Global Seed Vault (2020); Across the Sea of Stars, Chiang Mai University Art Centre, Thailand (2017); Masterplan, Obscura Festival of Photography, Malaysia (2016); The Photobook Exhibition, Athens Photo Festival 2016, Benaki Museum, Greece (2016). ; and Islands of Memories - Pulau Ubin, Pesta Ubin 2016 (2016).

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