Akeroyd Collection


Kobby Adi

b. 1995, London, England. Kobby Adi currently lives and works in London.

Kobby Adi works with film, installation, sculpture, actions and text. The work collectively explores the possibility for unexpected affinities, symbolism, and patterns to open up and resist the urge to over-determine or prescribe a singular meaning. The installations and films mine particular fragments of contemporary culture, personal narratives and collective cultural histories, to bring traces and artefacts into the gallery space. But it is frequently what is absent and alluded to that becomes the object of our attention. Adi is concerned with space and absence as much as form and presence, and as such, the work behaves as a semiotic testing ground. The exhibitions are at once a study of the communicative possibility of signs and symbols as much as a poetic field of encounter that centres on the affective and corporeal presence of objects and their relational possibility. Images and motifs reoccur across works, and form and content collapse into one another becoming a site for the potential of meaning-making. While Adi’s works frequently refer to and respond to the architectures that house them, the internal logic of particular displays becomes analogous to the world and its configurations beyond the gallery itself. This encourages viewers to recognise their own presence in such a configuration and by placing the body as an active participant, an understanding of one’s own partiality is exposed. This new self-awareness, once inscribed into the complex interplay of culturally loaded signs, architectures, places and things, might be carried into the world in productive ways.