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Takahiro Inamori

b. 1977 Tokyo, Japan; lived and worked in Tokyo, Japan; d. 2010.

Takahiro Inamori’s works often appear as part of larger installations that consist of video and photography. He begins with fieldwork, which he calls 'tourism', where he gathers large amounts of information about a given site. Through processes of documentation and reconstruction, Inamori reimagines, rematerializes and re-images what has been experienced. He has stated that it is important for him to articulate the unseen and invisible aspects of existence such as the aura, spirit, or feelings and that his work is an act of bringing the object of enquiry into ‘visible existence’.

From this fieldwork, Inamori connects and layers any retrieved information and visual data so that a trace of something ‘behind existing reality’ can be realized where it might have once been ‘impossible to surface’ at all. Inamori states that it is in the evocation of the ‘thing that’s not possible to surface’ that we see a liminal zone between the real and the virtual. In this liminality, he suggests we may see knowledge or beauty, or even the root of fear and power. It is in this ineffable space that he is able to conjure that we find the unanswerable and unknowable evidenced as a trace of reality.

Takahiro Inamori's projects include FIXER, Gallery Side 2, Tokyo (2008); Amakusa Grand Ceramic Exhibition, project exhibition, Amakusa (2007); Shadow, Gallery Side 2, Tokyo (2006); GT: Grand Turismo", Gallery Side 2, Tokyo (2005); LOCATION, Gallery Side 2, Tokyo (2004); Good Luck Timing 0.8, NOS, Tokyo (2003); and fight-test, Tsumura Art Space/Space Force, Tokyo (2003).

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