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Vvzela Kook

b. 1990, Hong Kong, China; lives and works in Hong Kong, China.

Vvzela Kook works predominantly in audio-visual mediums that also include performance, theatre, generative video, and drawing. Her works explore the possibility of the coexistence of contemporary performance, dance, and choreography with computer-generated new media. Kook’s works combine technology with other media to reproduce and convert urban cityscapes into integrated virtual experiences that guide audiences through a cybernetic journey. The condensed textures, forms and renderings in her works connect with multiple sensual levels of our perception and consider the unexplored potentials of video as an affective, sensuous, and fantastical medium.

Vvzela Kook's recent exhibitions include Any dimension you like, Edmond Gallery, Berlin (2017); On the Road, Guanshanyue Art Museum, Shenzhen (2017); The Garden, K11, Hong Kong (2017); It was the best of times, it ws the worst of times, with Lee Cheng, Mana Contemporary, Chicago (2017); Watermark, media walk, Vancouver (2017); You are not alone, Oi! Art Space, Hong Kong (2016); WE: A Community of Chinese Contemporary Artists, K11 Shanghai, Shanghai (2016); and What you see is not what you get,Crazy Box, CityU CMC (2013).

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