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b. 1986, U.S; lives and works in New York, U.S.

WangShui’s practice incorporates moving images, film, installation, painting, sculpture, and architecture to explore contemporary notions of desire. The work explores divergent structures of perception which seeks to integrate diverse personal experiences and research into trauma, architecture, and media. While the practice is polyvocal and wide-ranging, the articulation and holding of liminality is a central theme in the work. WangShui holds up liminal space for its radical potential as a form of resistance. The work often addresses the latent space of images and materials as a way to activate the non-binary, border conditions between things; detail and distance, transparency and opacity, knowing and unknowing.

WangShui's recent exhibitions include Quiet as It's Kept, Whitney Biennial, New York (2022); WangShui, JULIE STOSCHEK COLLECTION, Berlin (2019); Short Shadows, EMPAC, New York (2019); Cruising Pavilion, ArkDes (Swedish Center for Architecture & Design), Stockholm, Sweden (2019); GHOST: 2561 Performance & Video Triennial, Bangkok (2018); We Need to Talk, Petzel Gallery, New York (2017); Are You a Sexual Being?, Jack Hanley Gallery, New York (2017); Screening, Anonymous Gallery, Mexico City (2016); and Screen Play, Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art, New York (2015).

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