Akeroyd Collection


aaajiao, I hate people but I love you, 2017

I Hate People but I Love You is a large format single-channel video installation. An uncanny simulation of a young woman is depicted inside a Mac OS desktop environment, while a continual stream of pop-up windows evolve and loop across the screen to form a fluid Mobius strip. Both elements appear cognizant and in conversation. The android avatar asks 'May I be your friend? Do I look real to you?' While a disembodied voice, in a less human tone, exclaims 'I hate people, but I love you'. 2 cyborgs in fractured dialogue, the conversation looping and unresolved, engendering a dystopic sense of isolation and disconnect. The work articulates an increasing indistinguishability between user and operating system, as our dependence on AI grows in various settings. Most poignantly, this work dramatizes in a most austere way, the interpersonal relations of our digital lives and its potential for alienation and loneliness.

MediumSingle channel video, colour & sound
Duration25 minutes 4 seconds
Editionof 5 + 2 APs