Akeroyd Collection


Wong Ping, An Emo Nose (憂鬱鼻), 2015

An Emo Nose tells the story of the main protagonist's relationship to their own nose. In the story, we realize that he has grown tired of usual human interactions and friendships and sees them as futile or overindulgent. What he likes best is developing a closer relationship with his nose. His nose, after all, is always there, in front of him, always in view and close by. As they get emotionally closer, the nose begins to respond to negative emotions by moving further away from the protagonist's face. Just as Pinocchio’s nose would grow as he lied, this nose begins to reject its partner and stretch itself away from him as negativity increases. The protagonist tries to sever ties unsuccessfully and so instead adopts a strategy to avoid deep topics such as politics and only include his nose in happy pursuits such as food and sex in order to maintain a façade of happiness and positivity. It doesn’t work and after a heart-to-heart, where an outpouring of negative feelings on both sides intensified the problem, he accepts his fate and watches his nose disappear into the distance. Still tethered to his face, the protagonist wonders what life his nose is leading and catches glimpses via certain smells; ‘truffles and women’ in far-flung corners of the world. A vicious circle ensues. The scent of good times that he himself is not included in deepens his sadness, which pushes his nose further into its own life. He wonders if he will become so sad that the nose will circumnavigate the globe and return to him in the end.

MediumSingle-channel animation
Duration4 minutes 23 seconds
Editionof 5 + 2 APs