Akeroyd Collection


Lee Kit, Blink and blank, 2020

Blink and blank is a film full of affective solemnity. An image, cropped to the extreme right side of the projection depicts a bare winter tree, a streetlamp and a grey sky. The high-contrast image, in blacks, whites and greys is in motion, rippling and blurred through the reflection of a body of water. The reflected image, now upside down, depicts an acute angle from the ground up, looking towards and through the bare branches. The looped visuals have an aural component of fragmented songs and daily noises, lending an idling poetics to the experience. The audio enhances a feeling of disengagement and alienation of the contemporary power of the image, and a particular exposition of a contemplative tone, that in context with other works and situations, renders a particular field of meaning and air of ephemerality.

MediumGesso on wood, looped digital video with sound.
Duration45 minutes 38 seconds, looped, dimensions variable