Akeroyd Collection


Shala Miller, Genesis, 2023

Genesis (2023) is an extension of Shala Miller’s yearslong practice of building fictional worlds with an auto-ethnographic critical impulse. Over a duration of nearly one hour, the three-channel video installation creates an immersive environment that positions the film as a soundtrack for a fictional character, Obsidian. Obsidian serves as a proxy for the artist – a kind of alter-ego that Miller created at the beginning of 2023, to process their experience of rage as a Black femme. Each channel, shown on an attendant screen, presents a component part of a larger chorus. Both in terms of sound and image, whereby the harmony and disharmony coalesce into a single work that tells the story of Obsidian’s becoming. In developing the fields of autoethnography, and song, and by drawing on the artist’s years-long practice of creating fictional worlds, this work is a continuation of Miller’s ongoing meditations on desire, mourning, pleasure, and pain in the context of Black experience.

Medium3-channel video installation, Digital video (sound, colour)
Duration11 minutes
Editionof 3 + 2 APs