Akeroyd Collection


Yuri Pattison, infinite corridor, infinite sunset (remove the blue), 2016

infinite corridor, infinite sunset (remove the blue), is a video that runs a little over 6 minutes in duration and was filmed remotely by an MIT student, Misha Sra with whom the artist formed an online artistic ‘collaboration’, to record the ‘MIT henge’ phenomenon. MIT henge is the name given to the occurrence of a solar event at the MIT campus, whereby the infinite corridor of building 8, a long passageway running West to East through the university, is illuminated by the orange glow of the sun. The footage is taken on a camera seemingly placed on the floor in portrait orientation. This perspective accentuating the length of the corridor, the footage illustrates the duration of the solar event as it pierces the window and proceeds to fill the interior with an orange, gold light, reflected from the marble floors and concentrating as an ever intensifying red glow at the far end. As the architecture and screen fill with warm hues, we witness the replacement of the usual cold blue light that is known to reduce serotonin levels in the brain, inducing Seasonal Affective Disorder. MIT published a set of protocols for attending the event and stipulated a set of rules that protected the experience for all attendees. These included not walking through the light shaft and only sitting on the floor to the sides of the corridor to experience, but not interrupt the view. These protocols are repeatedly broken as people stand, frequent the bathroom to the left of the screen, and walk across the path of light through the duration of the video. Finally, at the end of the video, two bodies in the far distance congregate in the middle of the corridor, completely disrupting the spectacular pinnacle of the rare solar event.

MediumUSB storage with video file (MIThenge 31/01/16 shot by Misha Sra for the artist), Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, Saffron Drift TV, Sweet Dreams melatonin E-Liquid, USB vaporiser
Duration6 minutes 19 seconds
Editionof 3 + 2 APs