Akeroyd Collection


Sin Wai Kin, It's Always You, 2021

In Its Always You, we see a four-piece boyband performing for camera in the manner of a 90’s music video. All the tropes, cliches and conventions of the genre are present, embodied by the archetypal members of the group. There is the ‘serious one’, the ‘pretty boy’, the ‘playful one’ and the ‘heartthrob’. All the characters are played by the artist and the camera scrutinizes each expression, movement and gesture in turn as they roll through their familiar dance routines and pop star affectations in the manner of their exaggerated personas. The film highlights a paradox of boybands, where individuals exist inside the collective, and the success of the band is contingent on the dynamic interrelation of each member. Certain characters, familiar in Sin Wai Kin’s wider practice, are present; the pretty boy, The Universe, is inspired by the Jing warrior character in Cantonese opera. The playful trickster, The One, whose face is painted as the sky, the sun, and a naked body beneath, reveals their mouth as an orifice for the vagina, his moustache the figure’s pubic hair. The Storyteller is the serious one, older and authoritative in his utterances, while Wai King, the hunk displays unbridled sexual confidence in their hypermasculinity. Each of them has been present in previous works, but here, together, they serve to highlight just how identities are strategically commodified for mass consumption within the media landscape. The film ultimately emphazises the queer coding that takes place to produce the promise of love, fantasy, and collective escape within an otherwise heteronormative languaging matrix of the mainstream music industry.

Medium4k dual-channel
Duration4 minutes 5 seconds
Editionof 5 + 2 AP