Akeroyd Collection


Zheng Bo, Le Sacre du printemps, 2021-2022

For Le Sacre du printemps, Zheng Bo collaborated with five Nordic male dancers in a forest in Dalarna, Sweden where their interactions with ancient ferns were filmed. In the video, we see the troupe, who are standing naked, prepare themselves for various encounters with their environment. They jump and shake, seemingly limbering up and psychologically preparing. At a certain point, they simultaneously drop to their knees at which point the view flips upside-down. From here, each person seems to cultivate an individual relationship with the trees, ferns and mossy ground. They develop intimate and erotic relations, expressed in various actions, poses and proximities to nature. While separated in their intimate encounters, this convening also speaks to the collective sexual desire of the pine trees, moss, and humans equally with one another through touch and movement. Le Sacre du printemps is part of a larger body of work titled Pteridophilia, which began in 2016, an ongoing video and performance series where the artist explores the erotic possibilities between plants – specifically ferns – and queer men. This is exemplary of Zheng Bo’s commitment to all-inclusive, multi-species relationships, evidenced in a wider practice that de-emphasizes a human-centric worldview and strives instead for interconnectedness between all living beings. Zheng Bo has devoted himself to the study of plants, learning from biology and botany experts while creating art and daily rituals that focus on interspecies care.

Medium4K video, colour, sound
Duration16 minutes 35 seconds
Editionof 5 + 2 APs