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Martha Atienza, Panangatan 11°09'53.3"N 123°42'40.5"E 2019-10-24 Thu 6:42 AM PST 1.29 meters High Tide 2019-10-12 Sat 10:26 AM PST 1.40 meters High Tide, 2019

Panangatan 11°09’53.3”N 123°42’40.5”E 2019-10-24 Thu 6:42 AM PST 1.29 meters High Tide, 2019-10-12 Sat 10:26 AM PST 1.40 meters High Tide is a slow, long work in which a video, shot in black and white, documents the state of the islet’s coastal decay at high tide. The effects of rising sea levels on housing is highlighted and the consequences of global warming are brought into sharp relief. Although filmed in the Philippines, it points to a broader ecological issue that affects the entire planet and the pace of the film suggests how the slow violence of environmental catastrophe is often overshadowed by other spectacular events. But it is a slow violence that does such damage, and this film requires us to slow down to contend with such tragedy. At odds with the pace of dominant forces of the twentieth and twentieth-first century - such as the neoliberal policies that have brought environmental destruction to the Philippines - the film’s call to slowness feels like a plea to revise such policies. Such a plea encourages us to map onto these images the effects of foreign investment that facilitated the abuse of natural resources. It asks us to take this sentiment and apply it globally to understand that the environment, the people, and the planet itself cannot sustain or even survive such extractive politics. Slowing down, looking, and taking stock is an act of feeling, and it might be the affective jolt needed to understand the implications of such actions.

Mediumsingle-channel HD video
Duration307 minutes
Editionof 6