Akeroyd Collection


Gary-Ross Pastrana, Rewilding, 2018

The multi-channel video installation Rewilding sees three protagonists in conversation with the artist to offer a fictional scenario of termites boring into a piano, leading to speculative conversations about how a piano in this state can even be played. As the discussion begins to centre on the conflicts between the two species’ habitations, Pastrana’s recurring interest in the processes of both construction and deconstruction comes to the fore in poetic ways. The voices are interspersed with amplified sounds of the environment and foley techniques that produce a multi-layered, polyphonic form of documentation that renders an ambiguous reality, always contending with cycles of life, contingent on something else’s ruin. Accompanied by sound compositions and scored music, the video holds up multiple dichotomies and paradoxes for scrutiny. Signal vs noise; information vs meaning; construction vs destruction; living vs perishing. As one form of life’s existence is at the expense of something of such human worth – both in material and emotional terms, our value systems are called into question and the work encourages us to think beyond binary simplicities and take a more intersectional, inter-species, inter-disciplinary view of events and what they mean to living.

Medium3-channel video
Duration8 minutes 40 seconds
Editionof 3