Akeroyd Collection


Takahiro Inamori, roji, 2004

In this roughly three-minute long film, a camera is positioned facing a road that bends to the right. Lined on the left-hand side are densely packed buildings and functional structures. It is difficult to determine what they are exactly as the camera is not focused accurately. They appear to be garages - perhaps with shuttered doors on the front. The angle of the camera does not seem level, but similarly, the buildings seem old and crooked themselves. There is uncertainty about their age and location and where in time we might be located as a viewer. These potential ruminations are only punctured by the very occasional car that drives past. These shatter the illusion of the timeless and the heterotopic, and the non-place, becomes somewhere specific; we are again tethered to modernity and reminded of human presence in that very moment.

Duration3 minutes 13 seconds