Akeroyd Collection


Takahiro Inamori, rokkasyo2, 2003-2004

Over the course of a little more than 12 minutes, the sun begins to rise over a barren landscape in this single-channel film. Starting as a near-black screen, the composition is divided into thirds. We see the horizon defining the bottom section, with blinking white and red lights articulating distant pieces of industrial infrastructure. The middle is a dark illegible void, and the top offers the faint outlines of moving clouds. As the screen lightens, we notice the foreground has a river, and the horizon has an industrial installation of some kind, with the blinking lights revealed as anti-collision lights atop tall pylons and telecommunications masts, and the clouds are high and rolling past from right to left. The day dawns on a distant, but vast landscape where technology, infrastructure and nature share the stillness of this view.

Duration12 minutes 17 seconds