Akeroyd Collection


Rei Hayama, The Focus, 2013

The Focus offers a montage of still images, scrolling at a slow pace like an analogue slide show, accompanied by a multi-tonal drone and fractured text as either captions or intertitles. The drone undulates and gently pulses through the bass and high-end and is intermittently accompanied by white noise or static that corresponds to the visual material. Ranging from degraded abstract digital patterns to stock photos of unplaceable architectures, landscapes, people and animals, the images sometimes appear to be close-up views of analogue photographs or grainy film stock stills. Images frequently appear as double exposures and resonate and flicker, much like the sound underlining the whole work that incrementally builds in depth and fullness. The intertitles arrive on bright blue or red backgrounds with white text that either describe the forthcoming scenes or provoke imagery of their own or recount proverbs or poetic statements. Occasionally, flat colour with no text holds the frame in greens and yellows. The captions describe a series of human events that are taken from a short story called The Earth’s Holocaust, written in 1844 by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Revealed in slow and fractured excerpts the narrative is hard to hold onto and each sentence seems to open new possibilities for meaning when considered with the corresponding images. The drone slowly fades into a single, crystalline hum as the final intertitle reads ‘as if it was the smallest evidence..’

Medium1920 × 1080 px
Duration26 minutes 21 seconds
Editionof 5