Akeroyd Collection


Shirin Neshat, Ungrateful/Blasphemy (Fragment 1), 2022

Ungrateful/Blasphemy (Fragment 1) stands as a distinctive piece in A Loss For Words, the inaugural NFT collection by acclaimed artist Shirin Neshat. This artwork captures a profound moment as a pair of hands gracefully unfolds in a prayer-like gesture, unveiling a fragment of Iranian poetry delicately inscribed on the palms in the artist's unique script. The poem showcased in this captivating artwork is Ungrateful/Blasphemy by Simin Behbahani. Through this artwork, Neshat weaves together the realms of visual art and poetic expression, bridging the boundaries between language, spirituality, and artistic interpretation. The hands' gentle unveiling symbolizes a deep vulnerability and a profound connection to Iranian culture, inviting viewers to reflect on themes of gratitude, faith, and the complexities of religious devotion.

MediumNFT (3D animation, 1080 × 1080 px) continuous loop
Duration23 seconds