Akeroyd Collection


Rirkrit Tiravanija, Untitled (John Giorno reads), 2008

During the summer of 2008, Rirkrit Tiravanija, along with a small film crew arrived at Giorno Poetry Systems, an artist collective, record label, and non-profit organization founded by poet and performance artist John Giorno with the direct aim to connect poetry and related art forms to a larger audience using innovative ideas, such as communication technology, audio-visual materials, and techniques. What transpired was a film document of John Giorno’s poems, memoirs, and music works performed by John Giorno himself to camera. Including roughly 10 hours of footage, Untitled John Giorno Reads spans five decades of work, creating an essential portrait of one of New York’s seminal bohemian figures and, by extension, a record of a New York that now exists only as an idea or as a memory for some.

MediumBlack and white 16mm film with sound, 17 reels
Duration10 hours 6 minutes
Editionof 3 + 2 APs