Akeroyd Collection


Paul Pfeiffer, Vs. (Battle of Brisbane), 2023

Paul Pfeiffer Vs. (Battle of Brisbane) is an editioned long-form work from Paul Pfeiffer's genesis NFT collection Vs.. The collection consists of meticulously edited footage of eight-division world champion Manny Pacquiao, lifted from two of his most iconic boxing matches. In this work, Manny Pacquiao’s body struggles, twitches, convulses, taking hits from an invisible Jeff Horn who is digitally erased from the footage. Though his opponent is not seen, Pacquiao’s body writhes in the throes of the violence of the match. Pacquiao is alone and fragile in the ring, underlining the existential fascination of such entertainment and the uncompromising eye of mass media. This collection is part of Paul Pfeiffer’s ongoing Caryatid series (2004–).

- text by Jesse Slater

MediumVideo (colour), 1440x1080 pixels
Duration2 minutes 41 seconds
Editionof 5