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Ho Tzu Nyen, Waiting (Ripon Chowdhury with Ho Tzu Nyen), 2020

Waiting is a film made in collaboration with Ripon Chowdhury, a poet, writer and activist as well as a migrant worker in Singapore during the first wave of Corona Virus lockdowns. Chowdhury was one of some 323,000 migrant workers living in dormitories in the city-state of Singapore, where the overwhelming majority of Singapore’s more than 30,000 COVID-19 infection cases were recorded. The government imposed strict lockdown measures upon all dormitories, and the migrant workers—mostly hailing from South Asia or China— were largely confined to their rooms. It is in this context that Ripon Chowdhury was invited by Ho Tzu Nyen to contribute to this film. We see Chowdhury’s footage, presumably filmed on a mobile phone, as he surveys his quarters and the view from his window at night and during daytime. He comments on his conditions, the new pace of life, the struggle to adapt and most poignantly his recollections of times before the lockdown and speculation of the future. While he is positive about the visible benefits of nature outside, we cannot help but consider how little positivity there is in his own circumstances. A stark reminder that during times of global turmoil, contrary to the comforting thought that we are all in this together, some are more so than others.

MediumSingle channel digital video, 16:9, colour, stereo
Duration4 minutes 36 seconds
Editionof 10 + 2 APs