Akeroyd Collection


Darren Bader, XPLEX (proposal for exes)

XPLEX (proposal for exes), is a short video work that lasts the approximate duration of 3 television or YouTube adverts. Structured in much the same way, the video apes a novel dating service ad, down to its irreverent tone, quirky reassuring music and overly friendly voiceover. Sequenced as a series of three that appear to be region-specific and gender-specific variations of the script, it seems they are designed specifically to capture particular markets and audiences. This is typical of Bader’s interest in conflating consumers with audiences and bringing questions of value into the conversation around art. In the video, we are told the two people side by side are recently separated and the existentially awkward question is posed; ‘what do you do with your ex’? This is the dating firm's launching point, and an infomercial ensues where a dating pool of everyone’s exes are gathered.

First displayed as part of a larger installation at Sadie Coles, HQ in London, the work plays into familiar tropes of Bader’s practice. The installation was comprized of non-art objects alongside other sculptures and works by other artists such as Michael E. Smith and Anca Munteanu Rimnic, and the video was positioned as a proposal for an unrealised (perhaps unrealizable) performance work.

MediumVideo file
Duration1 minute 30 seconds
Editionof 3 + 1 AP