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Christopher Landoni

b. 1972, Blackpool, U.K.; d. 2005.

Christopher Landoni was an enigmatic figure of the London art world of the 1990s and early 2000s who tragically died in 2005. Although no longer with us, his work remains, and he has left traces within the interwoven histories of this seminal moment of British art. Closely associated with Gavin Turk, and for a time using space within Turk’s infamous Charing Cross Road studio, Christopher Landoni was both part of, and separate from, the dominant East London scene of the time. Through oral histories and personal accounts, it is clear he was a figure that strove for impossible things, with energy and conviction, being described as somewhat magical in his thinking and in his pursuit of life. Known for his drawings of vinyl record covers and blurry, layered line drawings of people dj-ing, his interest in club culture and the community it fostered were in evidence. This extended to the recreational drug cultures associated with these scenes and the galvanising effect and hedonistic political impulse of that time. Space, place and people characterize his brief and bright contribution to art and this can be seen in works and exhibitions such as his contribution to The International 3 in Manchester, where he built a life-size snow scene replete with Swiss-style chalet from polystyrene and cardboard, or the neon work, taken from a momentous scene in Brian De Palma’s 1983 film, Scarface, that reads ‘the world is yours’.

Christopher Landoni's projects include New Sculpture, Museum 52, London (2005); Christopher Landoni, Museum 52, London (2004); Expander, Royal Academy of Arts, London (2004); East International 2003, Norwich University of Arts, Norwich (2003); coma, PARKHAUS im Malkastenpark, Dusseldorf (2002); Die First, One in the Other, London (2001); Christopher Landoni - Wünderland, Paul Stolper Gallery, London (2000) and Christopher Landoni - Heads or Tails, Paul Stolper Gallery, London (2000).

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