Akeroyd Collection


Tang Kwok-Hin

b. Kam Tin, Hong Kong; Lives and works Hong Kong.

Tang Kwok Hin is a multi-media artist whose work and ideas are deeply rooted in introspection. Somewhat autoethnographic, Tang Kwok Hin explores his indigenous background and life experiences, to evince a sense of place and self within the work. Tang's practice intertwines with his personal journey and the complexity of his surroundings, where he grapples with the nuances of the extreme present. Through various mediums like objects, installations, moving images, performances, and collages, he delves into universal emotions, thoughts, and essences amidst chaos, drawing on his own lived experiences. His works touch upon themes of growth, inheritance, locality, freedom, urbanization, consumption, nature, politics, norms, and existence, reflecting a profound engagement with the intricacies of contemporary life.

Recent solo exhibitions include Collective Failure, Goethe-Institut Hong Kong, Hong Kong Arts Centre (2022); Rime, Diana Cheung Experimental Gallery, Hong Kong Arts Centre (2022); Here and There, C&G Art Triangle, Hong Kong (2021); Every Pandiculate, PTT Space, Taipei (2020); Curtains of Eyes, Surplus Space, Wuhan (2018); Recent group shows include Cures: Chronic Promises, Savvy Contemporary, Berlin (2024); Nurturing Nodes in the Nook of an Odd Sock, Art Gallery Miyauchi, Hiroshima (2024); LE CONTRE-CIEL, Empty Gallery, Hong Kong (2024); signals... here and there, Para Site, Hong Kong (2023); Collective Failure, Goethe-Gallery & Black Box Studio (2022); Documenta Fifteen, Artist-led Models of Resource Sharing, Kassel & live streamed on Zoom (2022); On the Edge, Hong Kong Arts Centre (2021); 21st Contemporary Art Biennial Sesc_Videobrasil, Imagined Communities, Sesc 24 DE MAIO, São Paulo, (2019); Only Connect Osaka, Creative Center Osaka, Japan (2019).

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