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Sasaoka Yuriko

b. 1988 in Osaka, Japan; lives and works in Osaka, Japan.

Sasaoka Yuriko makes immersive video installation and considers issues of identity and representation within her work. Looking at various cultural modes of address including theatre, song, and moving image, she embodies different characters and characterisations of gender, identity and lived experience, working to liberate narratives from dominant and normative expressions. This is often achieved by adopting the figure of the marionette – a symbol of socio-political puppeteering. By confronting a discrepancy between the agency of a subject and the power structures that determine its experience, Yuriko revels in an interstitial space between and is able to reflect the mediated fluidity of history and its telling. Works often respond to specific historical events. The 2011 tsunami and earthquake in Japan, for example, allows Yuriko to tap into the collective consciousness of those who live close to disaster, or, as Sasaoka says, 'between life and death.' For Yuriko, witnessing such tragedy unfold on television, led to the realisation that the screen is itself a mediating film, a liminal space between reality and its representations and that this, in itself, can never be a neutral phenomenon.

Sasaoka Yuriko's recent exhibitions include Tendering, Property Holdings Development Group, Hong Kong (2023); The 14th Shanghai Biennale: Cosmos Cinema, Shanghai (2023); Biennale lnternazionale Donna, Trieste (2023); Planaria, PHD Group, Hong Kong (2022); Dream/Lands, Kanagawa Kenmin Hall Gallery, Yokohama (2022); DisappearfromtheEarth: VideoGames, No-Sex & Pilsudski, curated by Pawel Pachciarek, TRAFO Center for Contemporary Art, Szczecin (2021); Encounter-InfiniteVariety of Faces, Marugame Genichiro-lnokuma Museum of Contemporary Art, Kagawa (2021); On The Verge of Fiction, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei (2019); ChangWon Sculpture Biennale 2018, Changwon (2018); JAPEDON/A, Ns Art Project, Osaka (2017); commandX, Tomio Koyama Gallery, Tokyo; (2017); HelloHoly!, Kyoto City University of Arts Art Gallery, Kyoto (2017).

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