Akeroyd Collection


Jennifer and Kevin McCoy, 17SC-06Trees-78Mountains-78Mountains-08Special-08Special-39Sky-17Trees, 2023

Jennifer & Kevin McCoy, building upon their previous explorations of landscapes and architectural environments, have embarked on a new series of collages immersed in the essence of the American West. Drawing inspiration from the compositional aesthetics of 20th-century landscape photography, the artists have meticulously crafted digital landscapes using formal cut-outs. These originate from a compilation of AI-generated source images sourced from five distinct databases. Employing the StableDiffusion technique, the McCoys have produced a vast array of landscape images. These images were then organized into five descriptive databases: land, sea, mountains, trees, and sky. By employing custom scripts to search and combine elements from these categories, the artists have ingeniously merged the compositional structures found in archetypal 20th-century landscape photographs with 21st-century technology, effectively intertwining the visual constructs of nature from early 20th century with modern AI techniques. Through the use of image processing, specific elements within each collage are activated, creating a compelling interplay between established mediums like photography and collage and the rapidly evolving realm of AI technology. Jennifer & Kevin McCoy's quest for AI-generated images that evoke a sense of memory rather than fantasy is apparent in their crafted prompts, which bring to mind cross-country road trips, Ektachrome film, and the evocative yellow tint reminiscent of childhood snapshots. The resulting images inhabit a realm of uncanny familiarity, soaked in distant memory.

MediumVideo (colour, sound), 2160×2160 pixels
Duration4 minutes