Akeroyd Collection


Maria Taniguchi, Figure Study, 2015

Figure Study is a short black and white video depicting a proto-surrealist landscape rendered in 3D modelling software. Items, ranging from a model hand to an ornamental water fountain; from shelving systems to pull-down projector screens; from a seemingly suspended basketball that defies gravity to a motorcycle helmet, are arranged as a sprawling tableau. Each object is rendered in a greyscale marbling, achieving the effect that each has been carved from the hard material. The disembodied camera POV, snakes its way smoothly through the arrangements, giving us seamless visual access to their form. The contextless, infinite black background sets this scene up as an eerie landscape reminiscent of images from the 1970s moon landings. Here, however, rather than the artefacts of cold war space exploration, it is the detritus of modernism left preserved coldly in the void of history, contemplating an unknowable future.

MediumSingle-channel HD video, black and white, no sound
Duration7 minutes
Editionof 5