Akeroyd Collection


Wong Ping, the other side (過奈何橋), 2015

the other side begins with a man calling someone from a phone box, situated at a seashore in a surrealist landscape, rendered in Wong Ping’s characteristic style of simplified graphics. He exclaims that he wants to leave. He will be leaving his brother behind and asks that he is taken care of. We realize soon enough that the man is departing from his mother’s womb via a stylized vulva shaped architecture and into a perilous landscape of turn styles and bureaucratic obstacles. He crosses over to the ‘other side’ and experiences life and its struggles for a while but finds he needs to return. He attempts this but is met with further struggles and sees his brother’s body floating lifelessly in the ocean that separated them. It is a story of a man's reluctance to be truly in the world, his questions of life – its familial relationships and burdens, and his desire and attempt to return to his mother's womb. This deeply melancholy work reflects contemporary experience and feelings of isolation, alienation and the confrontation we perhaps all have at times with the ties that bind. This could be read as an allegory of myriad experiences both personal and social, not least the geopolitical ones of Hong Kong itself.

Medium2-channel animation
Duration8 minutes 3 seconds
Editionof 5 + 2 APs