Akeroyd Collection


Takahiro Inamori, ghost001-tori, 2003-2004

In this short film of just 2 minutes and 13 seconds, a silent, static camera view of a cloudy sky is visible in a cold, bluish-purple hue. The cloud has complete coverage of the frame, and the sky feels dense and heavy ahead of a storm. Silhouettes of large birds are rendered small in front of the expansive sky. They face the wind, not so much flying but effortlessly defying the pull of gravity as their fixed postures of outstretched wings catch the breeze. As the birds are swayed and pulled through the weather, their image expands and wanes as they jostle for stability. These are signs of life in the face of nature but increasingly abstracted to unstable points in space. Fluid vectors in an ominous colour field.

Duration2 minutes 13 seconds