Akeroyd Collection


Takahiro Inamori, tappi01, 2003

In this short film that runs just under 13 minutes in length, we see a fixed camera position that frames the ground and the sky equally across the middle of the screen. The camera is low to the ground accentuating the tall grasses that are being blown in the wind. The clouds roll past at some pace and the colors are seemingly adjusted to reveal a pallet of mauves and pinks where we might expect blues and greens. The grasses are cast as the central protagonist in this scene, and we watch how they respond to the impact of the weather on their stiff and robust frames. Bending to the will of the wind, in a direction that mirrors the passing clouds, they are sometimes battered into submission and pressed almost horizontally under the weight of the conditions enacted upon them. But they return to form in moments of reprieve, and we see other indeterminate objects fall prey to the conditions we are witnessing. Pollen perhaps, or seed pods, the screen fills with particles and dots that almost feel like damaged film stock, blurring the distinction between form and content in uncanny ways.

Duration12 minutes 52 seconds