Akeroyd Collection


Takahiro Inamori, haneda, 2004-2005

Over the course of nearly 10 minutes, this film slowly shows us an abundance of human activity. In what appears to be a disarmingly still image, we see the overhead architecture of a monorail or train track of some kind. The heavy mass is dark and almost in silhouette as it cuts the frame of the screen vertically on the right-hand side. Over time, we see a number of aircraft take off in the far distance from the left-hand side. Drawing a steep upwards angle, these microscopic points in space are none the less identifiable as commercial planes, presumably full of passengers. They rise and career across the screen at pace until they disappear behind the fixed, immovable structure of the rail track structure. Occasionally, we see them reappear on the other side, smaller, slower, fading into the hazy sky, catching a brilliant ray of sunlight on their shiny bodies before vanishing into their long journeys. This distant, almost ephemeral sign of life is occasionally blighted by the more prosaic interruption of a train passing. Are they connected? Are we at an airport, passively observing the different scales of movement? Or are we to contend with these different human achievements, destruction, or the colonization of nature?

Duration10 minutes 22 seconds