Akeroyd Collection


Takahiro Inamori, jyouban, 2004-2005

Over the course of 20 minutes, a pitch-black screen with a single distant light on the right-hand side is occasionally interrupted by what appears to be the red taillights of a fast-moving car. The gaps between each burst of movement get shorter as the video progresses, and we realize the sun is rising and the day is beginning. The light rising from the horizon gives clarity to the scene and emanates a prismatic-like, rainbow light across the horizontal plane of the image. The intensity of light is mirrored by the volume of traffic, now flowing in both directions at a steady, fast pace. The sky is turning electric blue, the moon is still visible, and the foreground vegetation is in a dark silhouette. Eventually, but then quite suddenly, the glare of the sun intensifies as it breaks over the horizon line and turns the sky white, swallowing the moon and illuminating the foreground. The camera receives the visual information in high contrast and makes the eventual sun burst to appear like a white light nuclear blast, bleaching the upper half of the frame. Unexpectedly, the image then disintegrates into digital noise as if damaged by the white-hot heat of the dawning.

Duration23 minutes 28 seconds