Akeroyd Collection


Jacolby Satterwhite, Healing in my House, 2016

Healing in My House presents an immersive digital realm that exudes a combination of indulgence, fantasy, and cultural references that seamlessly merges elements of pop culture, visual arts, and performance. Inhabiting this multitude of extraordinary landscapes are animated queer avatars, shape-shifting scenography, hallucinatory visuals, and a cast of real-life friends and family, forming vibrant tapestries of the artist's imagination. An integral presence within Satterwhite's artistic universe is his late mother, Patricia Satterwhite, (1935–2021), a revered artist in her own right. Her ethereal voice and visionary diagrams serve as poignant inspirations for Satterwhite's work. Healing in My House stands as a testament to Satterwhite's queer mythologies while drawing inspiration from his formative encounter with the audio-visual manifestation of Daft Punk's album Discovery of 2001, titled Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem, 2003. This ground-breaking animated sci-fi musical deeply resonated with Satterwhite during his teenage years, leaving an indelible impression on his artistic vision. Through intricate layers of memory and desire, Satterwhite weaves complex narratives, immersing viewers in his unique artistic language. Healing in My House becomes an amalgamation of personal history, cultural touchstones, and visionary exploration. By embracing dissident queer narratives and drawing from a rich tapestry of influences, in this work, Satterwhite invites audiences into a realm that defies easy categorization as either dystopia or utopia, transcending simplistic dichotomies. Instead, it presents a complex landscape where multifaceted narratives unfold. Within Satterwhite's creation, there is no didactic intention to provide definitive meaning or solution to the profound questions that are raised. However, at its core, this works emanates a profound message of love, acceptance, and rejuvenation.

Medium3D animation and video
Duration9 minutes 27 seconds
Editionof 8 + 2APs