Akeroyd Collection


Tao Hui, Joint Images, 2016

In this expansive video work, a multitude of TV clips has been selected by the artist to be played as a backdrop for actors to faithfully recreate. The selections include news broadcasts, TV series, entertainment shows and reality tv. Standing in front of a screen for each piece of media, the actors recreate the scene with perfect synchronization of the lines and gestures. Subjects range from talent show performances to confessional apologies, intimate conversations between parents and children to soap opera scenes between lovers. The emotional range is captivating and dizzying but in focusing on the (re)performance of such feelings in deliberately staged settings, Tao Hui builds up a sense of dislocation and renders what is true and fake less relevant. By revealing the absurdity of distinguishing reality from fiction the work asks us to confront the role performance plays in the expression of our emotions. How do we express ourselves? What role does acting play in how we relate to one another? The work takes on myriad emotional ranges and by universalising the sentiment through the mediation of performance, he comments on ideas of collective memory and group experience, and on the role mass media plays in mediating our collective feelings.

MediumHD video, colour, sound
Duration14 minutes 27 seconds
Editionof 5 + 2 APs