Akeroyd Collection


Kawita Vatanajyankur, Knit, 2019

Knit captures Vatanajyankur’s first live performance work on video and becomes a work in its own right. The performance takes place in a pure white set and is filmed from above. The artist is assembling a red web of fabrics, with the threads being released from her lower legs as if from a spool. This work forms part of her ongoing series of videos titled Performing Textiles that illuminate a world of often invisible domestic labour predominantly undertaken by women. In this work, the sheer physicality of this labour is heightened and the limits of the body are painfully tested. Placing the body as the object of attention and focus, instead of the product itself, we are encouraged to attune to a more ethical dimension of consumer society and consider the conditions of global workers under fast fashion and exploitative capitalist economies. The human machine in Vatanajyankur’s Performing Textiles works are producing clothes but it could just as easily be food and other consumables being made. By watching this task unfold, its uneasy spectacle makes consumers of the audience and suggests we may be complicit in the struggles of the human producer as they toil in their productivity for our benefit.

MediumHD Video, single-channel
Duration25 minutes 45 seconds
Editionof 4