Akeroyd Collection


Tao Hui, Pulsating Atom (跳動的原子), 2019

Pulsating Atom is displayed on a screen format similar to the orientation of mobile devices used when watching TikTok. A range of quick, disparate visual sequences appear across the screen during this short video of fewer than fifteen minutes, but the central figure of a female gala singer is a recurring staple. In her song and conversation, she conveys experiences and scenes of everyday life with a philosophical pondering that is at odds with the accompanying videos. Her commentary continues, even when jump-cuts take us to new videos of giddying different subjects. Gym classes, metal workshops, kitchens, teenagers’ dance routines, fashion shoots and street performers. The work relates to the frenzy of social networking, and more specifically the Chinese phenomenon ‘Tiktok’, a now globally ubiquitous app that shares short video clips that people can view, produce, reproduce and share. Much like the continual content stream of our digital realities, the gala singer and the clips share no discernible connection, and as such, the work, as reflected in its title, comments on the increased atomisation of society. This leaves us with a question; with greater access to information and a greater possibility of social exchange, are we, in fact, producing a greater sense of social dissonance rather than human connection?

MediumSingle-channel HD video, colour, sound
Duration14 minutes 12 seconds
Editionof 5 + 2 APs