Akeroyd Collection


Martha Atienza, Tarong 11°16'12.0"N 123°45'23.4"E 2019-08-06 Tue 2:27 PM PST 1.50 meters High Tide Kaongkod 11°16'12.0"N 123°45'23.4"E 2019-08-03 Sat 12:14 PM PST 2.03 meters High Tide, 2019

Tarong 11°16’12.0”N 123°45’23.4”E 2019-08-06 Tue 2:27 PM PST 1.50 Meters High Tide, Kaongkod 11°16’12.0”N 123°45’23.4”E 2019-08-03 Sat 12:14 PM PST 2.03 Meters High Tide is a 3 channel video installation that depicts an intimate, oblique portrait of fishermen after Typhoon Yolanda devastated the coastal area of the works’ title. Typhoon Yolanda (known as Typhoon Haiyan internationally) hit several islands in the Philippines, including Bantayan Islands, in 2013. This catastrophic event disrupted the marine diversity of the islands, impacting the lives of the people in the area. The video installation paints a dramatized picture of struggle, as the tides consume the fishermen. They are sometimes underwater, sometimes afloat. The camera feels like part of the ocean, in dialogue with the men that work there. As the ocean swells and their bodies respond, the black and white footage shows us the difficulties they face but also their resilience and stoicism in the face of flooding and changes to the marine ecology. Their resilience goes beyond facing adversity.It extends beyond their immediate survival; it encompasses a broader understanding of their place within the natural world. They adapt to the changing sea caused by climate change. While their response to rising sea levels teaches us valuable lessons in adaption and learning, they embrace innovation and foster collaboration to navigate the uncertain waters. One can learn that by being proactive and open to change, we can confront environmental challenges. This is a work that poetically, and with pathos, speaks of the humanity of those who face an environmental crisis not of their doing and the existential threat it poses. This is particularly pointed when we consider the disproportionate effects climate change has on marginalized communities.

Medium3-channel HD video installation, no sound
Duration79 minutes
Editionof 6