Akeroyd Collection


Leung Chi Wo, My Random Diary, 2020

A suspenseful soundtrack of sparse piano accompanies a rolling slide reel of black and white images in this 18-minute video. The images range from cloudy skies, architecture devoid of people, street scenes and close crops of specific artefacts and furniture. The piano plays single notes in a discordant yet melodic composition that lends tension to the monologue that runs simultaneously. A female voice recounts events from the news cycles of the 1960s onwards. Some violent, some political, and some just human interest. Read with a certain ambivalence and without the hierarchy of importance, they read like entries from a passive bystander’s diary accounts of world events. By synthesizing and collecting these archival materials, images and stories, Leung combines quotidian events with parallel moments of political instability. My Random Diary juxtaposes these unrelated events from various news archives with the photos taken during the site visits of the covered stories. The artists research the site determining the order and re-telling of the historical events. This embroils the personal into the political, gives weight to the subjective experience of history and lends a human perspective to the otherwise flattened homogeneity of historical facts.

Medium4K single-channel video
Duration18 minutes
Edition1 of 5 + 2 APs