Akeroyd Collection


Xiaofei Mo & POND, Lovers Revolt, Lovers Revolve 1, 2020

The film, Lovers Revolt, Lovers Revolve 1 intersperses close-up footage of translucent stones, and luminous, twinkling objects and leaves with iPhone footage of Hong Kong streets. These images are juxtaposed against a poetic text that scrolls as a continual captioning, generated by Mo in collaboration with POND, a natural-language processing AI whom Mo regards as a collaborator and an experiment in alternate consciousness. The soundtrack lends a melancholy aspect to the piece, as we read of loss and longing and we see animals and humans alongside architecture and the natural world. This enigmatic and sensory display of artefacts and interactions connects Hong Kong’s urban sites of recent political conflict with an intimate tactility; a juxtaposition that conflates space and time, the visual and textual and the human and non-human. Lovers Revolt, Lovers Revolve 1 arrives out of a larger body of work by Xiaofei Mo and Cici Wu which consists of additional works on paper, and an ongoing series of publications. Influenced by classical Chinese literature, as much as esoteric Daoist texts, film criticism, and post-colonial theory, Lovers Revolt, Lovers Revolve is a speculative fiction that marries mythology and political fable. Speculating on the past and future of the city, the project, including this filmic adaptation, attempts a kind of intervention into our normative understanding of history. It encourages us to envision a different approach, where the grounds for a post-colonial/post-capitalist imaginary in East Asia could emerge through closer interactions with non-human actors. Yet this hopefulness relies on a simple question; what is the relationship between love and revolution?

MediumSingle channel video, colour & sound
Duration8 minutes 1 second
Editionof 5