Akeroyd Collection


Juria Toramae, Pelagic Dreams, 2021

Pelagic Dreams is a captivating NFT component of an ongoing artistic project that delves into the untapped potential of the oceanic realm to imagine extraordinary, semi-fictitious lifeforms through the use of artificial intelligence, specifically generative adversarial networks (GANs). In this innovative approach, unsupervised machine learning is employed to analyse and process patterns from input data, generating new examples based on the original dataset. In the context of this project, these generated outputs manifest as imaginative and constantly transforming morphologies, drawing inspiration from the artist's personal documentation of diverse marine species discovered in the waters of Southeast Asia. Additionally, however, the data incorporates the black-and-white illustrations of sea creatures crafted by German naturalist Ernst Haeckel, lending a historical and scientific dimension to the AI specimens. Toramae remarks that these phantasmal marine morphologies gesture at notions of ecological sustainability: The work, at its core, focuses on the ability to co-exist together constantly. By making space for the pelagic to dream, to have agency to imagine and conjure species other than those discovered and indexed by humans, one is invited to rethink the underlying concept of sustainability to become less anthropocentric and towards the more-than-human world.’

MediumSingle channel video (full HD Colour, sound)
Duration2 minutes 35 seconds
Editionof 3 + 1 AP