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Aki Sasamoto, Weather Bar Forecast #1, 2021

Weather Bar Forecast #1(2021) imitates a standard televised weather forecast. After the ident graphic, that appears in chalk accompanied by a catchy jingle, we see the artist standing behind a table laden with props. We see a large glass bowl containing limes, oranges and mint, and a steel shaker full of straws and a spoon; all the paraphernalia and garnish required for mixing a cocktail. The camera moves to a top-down view as Sasamoto arranges the fruit and tools. She narrates a typical weather forecast while drawing lines of movement demarking various cold-fronts and weather phenomena. She then proceeds with a more ‘local’ forecast and in similar tone, describes the effects of whisky evaporating in the body having been recently consumed. Sasamoto’s voiceover describes various conditions in the upper and lower intestines and stomach, paying attention to technical detail and the expected effects on the local area. She describes how ‘liquid will move against the dry front, against the oesophagus at a rate of 30 miles per hour’. As if to visually demonstrate these effects, she adds the loose mint and straws to a whiskey glass and places it inside the large clear bowl. A ventilation device is extended, and air is blown into the bowl creating a whirlwind, causing the glass to spin in a vortex, spilling its contents into a tumultuous spin. As the movement achieves some stability, the final message suggests the storm will eventually subside with a ‘light breeze at 5 – 7mph’ and she concludes the broadcast. There is an almost comical disconnect between the efficiency of the description and demonstration that is at odds with the actual lived phenomena. Whether considering the effects of climate catastrophe on global weather systems or the impact of human consumption on the body, the direct professionalism, so typical of such broadcasts, belies the force, impact and seriousness of the events themselves.

MediumSingle channel video, sound
Duration4 minutes 47 seconds
Editionof 5