Akeroyd Collection


Aki Sasamoto, Point Reflection (Video), 2023

Point Reflection (Video) shares a title with a performance work and larger exhibition, staged at The Queens Museum, NYC in 2023. The film continues Sasamoto’s ongoing investigations into ideas of changes and phases, predictability and unpredictability in life. The title refers to a geometric condition that occurs when a figure is constructed around a single point known as the point of reflection. For every point in the figure, another point is found directly opposite to it on the other side. Under the point of reflection, the figure does not change its size and shape. As a contextual backdrop, this title lends a sense of mirroring and paralleling that underscores Sasamoto’s interest in ideas of yearning, ageing, probabilities and chance. In the video work, animated objects dash across the field of vision; snail shells, Perspex trinkets with drawings of snakes, sugar cubes, CDs, coffee cup lids, straws and other contemporary detritus. Occasionally, we see a hand drawing on the screen, adding an additional visual plane between us and the objects in flux. A soundtrack of experimental jazz by Matt Bauder animates the action in frenetic ways. Later, the artist herself can be seen manipulating the movement of these items by blowing through a straw, producing currents of air. Feathers and ribbons are added to the dynamic composition and the artist’s face is increasingly present, commanding events. Finally, we see the artist look through two magnifying glasses, gazing directly to the viewer. As with so much of Sasamoto’s other work in installation and performance, she meticulously choreographs the various physical elements and their movements, weaving layers of meaning through scientific, visual, and linguistic play. Working like a para-biologist or meteorologist, the film becomes evidence of some indefinable, experimental system of improvisational and repetitious tests on nature and the body. The outcomes of which enable viewers to see their own metaphors and associations emerge from the chaos.

MediumSingle channel video, color, original soundtrack by Matt Bauder
Duration 23 minutes 29 seconds
Editionof 5