Akeroyd Collection


Jonathan Lyndon Chase, Mouth 1, 2023

Mouth 1 is a short video work of layered moving images, broadly separated by scenes of landscapes and different environmental contexts, with footage of a mouth chewing various objects overlaid on top. In this simple juxtaposition, a kaleidoscopic presentation is produced, and we begin to think of the visceral nature of the body in time and space. The work appeared alongside a new group of paintings, drawings, soft sculptures, and an installation for an exhibition at Sadie Coles HQ titled, Now I’m home, lips that know my name in 2023. The exhibition centred around a red brick house structure that reenvisaged the gallery space as a sanctuary for the unapologetic expression of the self and communal, non-binary ways of being. The canvases and soft sculptures conjured a sensory experience, that frequently highlight pleasure points, such as the open mouths and nipples of indistinguishable bodies. In Mouth 1, Chase depicts a montage of mouths viewed in close-up, chewing carrots, crunching eggs or playing with and revealing plastic toys. Shown on a loop, the repeated actions are at odds with the background imagery of snooker halls, highways of motorcyclists, and sports courts. This juxtaposition of the sensual, sexual and surreal is at odds with the prosaic, functional and masculine surroundings behind. The anonymity is at odds with the intimacy and a multiplicity of visual cues and devices is offered, signifying the potential for multiple identities, and non-binary ways of being, espousing multiplicity and cacophony as a form of self-identification and way of inhabiting the world.

MediumSingle-channel video
Duration3 minutes 45 seconds
Editionof 3