Akeroyd Collection


Alex Da Corte, ROY G BIV, 2022

ROY G BIV is a video installation and an ongoing performance work whose title is an acronym for the colours of the rainbow. The film, when installed as part of the larger installation project, is housed within a large cuboid structure. The film is projected on one surface, while on the others a different colour paint is applied by a professional housepainter. This performance aspect of the work references a John Baldessari piece called Six Colorful Inside Jobs. In this 1977 work, Baldessari painted the inside of a room one colour per day for six days. Both works consider the emotional labour involved and its relation to colour, functioning as both a colour study and a demonstration of craft and physical work.

The video projected onto the cube depicts a reconstruction of the Constantin Brancusi gallery of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Da Corte plays four characters in the video: the artist Marcel Duchamp, depicted during his iconic moment in life as a chess player; Duchamp’s female alter ego, Rrose Sélavy; Duchamp dressed as the Joker in Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman film, where he terrorizes an art museum; and as one of two figures in Brancusi’s sculpture The Kiss, 1916. To varying degrees, and at different moments in history, these figures have taken on gender stereotypes or have made use of masks, disguises and prosthetics to build an identity that serves their needs, creative and otherwise. To conflate the fictional, the real, the inanimate and the speculative via a sculpture, a supervillain, an artist and a persona is to collapse ideas of identity, gender and power within high and low art. This is a contending of queer histories and violence from a multitude of perspectives and a thinking-through of their relations to the colours of the rainbow.

MediumVideo, colour, sound, 60 min, wood box with back-projected screen, paint, performance, and powder-coated chairs
Duration60 minutes
Editionof 5 + 2 APs