Akeroyd Collection


Kawita Vatanajyankur, Scale of Injustice, 2021

Over the course of 8 and a half minutes, Vatanajyankur presents herself as a set of scales, balancing the actions of two bodies at work, either side of the fulcrum. The artist also performs these bodies, where a series of tasks are weighed in a muddy field bed, set against a crimson red, studio background. On either side, the artist's body can be seen in contorted positions to provide the awkward structure that holds a basket of cotton seeds. Pivoting continually to find equilibrium, the scales fail in their attempts, and seed is spilled everywhere. As the buckets empty and become light, the body smashes to the ground, while the other gathers seed and repeats the cycle in a display of eternal inequity. The baskets are never full and need to be filled continually, further perpetuating the sense of imbalance and impossibility. As the labour continues, the central figure works hard as the structure’s fulcrum, even turning upside down to find balance, only to find herself in purgatorial injustice.

Medium4K Video
Duration8 minutes 30 seconds
Editionof 4