Akeroyd Collection


Aki Sasamoto, Weather Bar Forecast #2, 2021

Weather Bar Forecast #2 (2021) imitates a standard televised weather forecast, that offers continuity with the previous forecast video, suggestive of the daily broadcasts that these videos imitate. After the ident graphic, that appears in chalk accompanied by a catchy jingle, we see the artist standing behind a table again laden with props. We see remnants from Weather Bar Forecast #1 (2021), yet this time, a turn table device is present, along with a bottle of clear alcohol and drinking glass, a lighter, and a tall, tubular cage. Sasamoto pours the liquid into the glass, runs the rim with sliced orange and places it on the turntable as if serving a drink. The narration warns of imminent and continual tornados across typical and a-typical global regions. She insists on how uncommon it is, historically, to see tornados in parts of East Asia, for example. By way of visual demonstration, Sasamoto lights the alcohol, places the canonical cage over the glass and begins the turntable’s cycle. The flame rises and swirls creating a visualisation of the weather phenomena. This is repeated a second time in the dark, the swirling vortex as hypnotic as it is concerning. As with Weather Bar Forecast #1, there is an almost comical disconnect between the efficiency of the description and demonstration that is at odds with the actual lived phenomena. Focussing more emphatically on the effects of climate catastrophe on global weather systems, the visual demonstration attempts to bridge the cognitive gap between the functional language and distanced professionalism, so typical of such broadcasts, and the catastrophic impact in reality. By using something so elemental and dangerous as fire in her presentation, Sasamoto is able to affectively depict the force and seriousness of the looming disasters.

MediumSingle channel video, sound
Duration3 minutes 55 seconds
Editionof 5