Akeroyd Collection


Samson Young, Situation #7 Muted Boxing Match, 2017

The Muted Situation series of works have been described by Samson Young as an ongoing exploration of the cancellation of sound and the reduction of tonal volume. The series presents musical scores that act as instructions to the performers and artist alike, and that determine the sonic characteristics present in the final outcome of the work. The instruction for Situation #7 Muted Boxing Match was to ‘stage’ a muted boxing match. The audience should continue to encourage and cheer on the contestants, but the sound of cheering itself should be suppressed. The commentators should continue with their commentary and make all attempts to articulate and enunciate their comments, but the production of sound will be suppressed. All other factors pertaining to the competitive and performative intent of the match must be preserved as far as possible. Suppress the consciously sound-producing constituent of a boxing match. As a result, other sounds will be revealed, including but not limited to the sounds of the boxing glove’s impact on the boxers’ bodies, the gentle feedback of the commentator’s overamplified microphones, the sounds of the boxers’ feet moving around on the stage, the boxers’ panting, and the audiences’ collective pumping of the fists. With the removal of the spectators' presence in the work, the physical interactions are centred on the body and its visceral interaction with another body. No longer read as sport but instead as a mediated exchange of violence.

MediumInstructions for a performance, Lightbox, sound, headphones
Duration11 minutes 48 seconds, lightbox: 127 x 86 x 14 cm
Editionof 3 + 1 AP